DS Rozšířená záruka a/nebo Plány na služby

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Sbírka rozšířených záruk a plánů na služby přizpůsobených vašemu stylu řízení.


Protect yourself from the unexpected


Spread the costs over monthly payments, with no surprises


Tailor your plan to your needs


Benefit from DS Parts and the unique expertise of our network
You may tailor any of those plans with additional coverages

Why choose a DS extended warranty and/or service plan - service contract - for my car?

A service plan - or maintenance plan - doesn't just help you spread the maintenance costs of your DS, but also gives you valuable additional services to make life with your vehicle easier. The best solution is to buy your service plan as you buy your car so you can protect your car right from the start. If you didn't purchase your service plan when you purchased your car, you can still subscribe to a service plan any time before your first regular service (11 months after delivery).

An extended warranty, on the other hand, lets you extend the manufacturer warranty beyond its standard duration, allowing you to benefit from the same vehicle protection as the original manufacturer warranty for up to three more years. You can subscribe to an extended warranty contract any time before the expiry of the original manufacturer warranty.